3 months till Christmas and report says some men are shopping earlier

Jim Hanzo
September 25, 2018 - 8:29 am

Could men be getting in the holiday spirit ahead of women this year?   Some surprising revelations regarding men and shopping for the holidays.  

With exactly 3 months away from Christmas, according to data from CompareCards some men are not only off to an early start for the holiday season, some are actually finished or nearly finished.  What do shoppers we talked to, think about that?  

I believe it," said this at the Riverwalk in New Orleans.  "I've actually been started since August."   

"I don't blame them, I would do the same thing and get it done early," said a woman who works in the mall.  She said she sees lots of men looking at deals.   

But this man said no way, it's too early.  
"Not at all," he laughed.  "I haven't even thought about it.  I have to get past Halloween first." 

"I really haven't but I need to start," this woman who added she usually likes to start early.  

This lady doesn't believe men shop earlier than women.  
"None of the guys I know," she said.  "I'm usually way ahead of them." 

"I got some shopping done, for my wife," he said. 

So there may be something to the report. 

Younger shoppers are also likely to get a head start, as 18% of folks 53 or younger are done or nearly done with their shopping already, compared to just 4% of those 54 and older.

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