Scalise: Mid-terms will be tight with record spending surging voter interest

October 16, 2018 - 3:16 pm


House Majority Whip Steve Scalise says the mid-term election will be a tight one, with record spending and surging voter enthusiasm likely to push the control of Congress to a last second finish.  Scalise has been touring the country helping his GOP colleagues in tough re-election campaigns.

“It’s brutal, I mean you’ve got maybe five to ten million dollars being spent on one congressional seat.  You could run a state office for five million dollars, let alone ten million.  It’s brutal.”

The Louisiana mid-term elections are not expected to bring any surprise results, with all incumbents comfortably ahead in the polls.

The potential for a “Blue Wave” that washes dozens of new Democrats into national office has led to a growing possibility that Republicans may lose the House for the first time since they took control in 2011.  The southeast Louisiana Congressman says the battle is coming down to around four dozen seats.

“Out of about 435 seats, there’s probably about 40 to 45 seats that will determine control of the House, and (minority leader) Pelosi would need to flip 23 seats from Republican to Democrat.”

Recent polling indicates Democrats will likely retake the House, but fail to take the Senate.

Scalise touted President Donald Trump's record on the economy and foreign policy, but says Trump’s political opponents have been able to channel their frustrations with the president into voter interest into the November mid-term.

“You’ve got a lot of really good things happening, but there is a anger on the left against the president and that is what’s fueling their interest in voting.”

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