Rebuilding, Renaissance begins for Lakeview’s Parlay’s Bar

Favorite watering hole gets help from Rugby friends

Thomas Perumean
July 12, 2020 - 8:15 am
Favorite watering hole gets help from Rugby friends

June 17th was a hell of a night for Parlay’s bar, the favorite watering hole of a lot of Lakeview residents and friends burned in a spectacular fire.

The blaze also damaged three restaurants who captured a lot of business from the bar—Lakeview Burgers and Seafood, Reginelli Pizzeria and Steak Knife Steakhouse. 

Saturday owner Mike Keiffer got the ok to clear the site and start the rebuilding process. 

Keiffer got a lot of help from Crescent City Blues Rugby Team. 

Players showed up and went to work removing the scorched items and other demolition work. 

“I felt so sorry for Parlay’s after they had to go through, two and a half, three months of not being able to work because of COVID,” an unidentified Rugby player told WWL-TV.  “They open up for three nights then their bar burns down, what back to back hit that would be.”

Keiffer says it would be at least two-to-three months before the restaurant remodeling is finished. 

Hopefully he can reopen as the mask mandates, bar restrictions and indoor gathering rules are being lifted. 


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