Rain possible during parades tonight, tomorrow

Chris Miller
February 19, 2020 - 3:21 pm
Rainy parade

As we launch into seven straight days of parades, rain figures in the forecast for several of them.

"A cold front is stalled along the coast today. It will keep us cloudy with scattered showers and a few storms during the afternoon," said WWL-TV meteorologist Dave Nussbaum. "This evening will be cloudy with a slight chance for a shower during the parades."

The front starts pushing through the area tomorrow, bringing a 90 percent chance of rain. A chance of scattered showers will remain during the evening parade hours.

Friday through Sunday should be clear, with a chance of rain on Lundi and Mardi Gras, but possibly avoiding parade times.


Cloudy and turning cooler with a 40% chance for showers and storms. Highs: 70. Wind NE 6-12 mph.

Cloudy and cool with a 30% chance for spotty showers. Lows north: 59 and south: 59. Wind NE 5-10 mph.

Cloudy, breezy and colder with a 90% chance for rain. Highs: 59 in the morning and falling to the lower 50s in the afternoon. Wind N 10-20 mph.

Sunny, windy and cooler. Lows north: 38 and south: 44. Highs: 54. Wind N 15-20 mph.

Plenty of sun and pleasant. Lows north: 34 with frost and south: 42. Highs: 60.

Partly cloudy and milder. Lows north: 40 and south: 49. Highs: 67.

Mostly cloudy and warmer with a 30% chance for showers and storms. Lows north: 55 and south: 58. Highs: 70.

Mostly cloudy and mild with a 20% chance for some afternoon spotty showers. Lows north: 53 and south: 58. Highs: 67.

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