Résumé lying is rampant

85 percent of companies find lies

Chris Miller
July 25, 2017 - 6:59 am

Have you ever been tempted to fudge your résumé a little when job-hunting? Employers are finding more and more fibbers in the job pool.

According to CareerBuilder, in a survey of 4,000 employers, 85 percent of them caught applicants in a misrepresentation or outright lies on their application or résumé -- up from 66 percent five years ago.

UNO business professor Mark Rosa says some applicants get desperate to stand out among a pack of fellow job-seekers.

"I think the job market is tightening. It's a vicious cycle right now," said Rosa. "There's more pressure on current generations to find work and find meaningful work than there's ever been. There's  more people in schools, more people with credentials, more people with experience."

Some applicants go so far as to get offical-looking degrees from non-existant schools.  There are even web sites that offer phony references to vouch for a candidate.

Rosa says with companies apparently getting better at finding the fakers, it's riskier than ever to lie about one's credentials -- because once caught, that person would be pretty much done in that field.

"Once you're caught, you're finished," said Rosa. "There's little conversation around that."

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