Protesters demand removal of Hard Rock rubble, recovery of bodies

Chris Miller
January 24, 2020 - 5:21 pm

Chanting "Hard Rock, take your building down!" a group of demonstrators walked from the partially collapsed building at Canal and North Rampart to city hall.

They are demanding accountability for the parties responsible for the construction site's deadly collapse. Three workers were killed when the structure partly collapsed October 12, and it still stands there, with two of the dead workers' bodies trapped inside. 

Emotions ran high this week when pictures turned up on social media showing one of the worker's partially-exposed remains dangling from the side of the wreckage.

The New Orleans City Council is planning a public hearing on the collapse -- a notion the mayor's office dismissed, saying in a statement that the investigation will be handled by "the appropriate law enforcement authorities within the judicial system," and said that "City legislators have no role in this process."

Council vice president Jason Williams says the city's legislature definitely has a say in this.

"What steps were taken, what corners were cut, and put some policies in place so that this cannot happen again."

Plans are in the works to demolish what remains of the Hard Rock with a controlled implosion, possibly as soon as March.

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