Protect your pipes and tender vegetation from tonight's freeze

Northshore and parts of the southshore expected to be affected

Jim Hanzo
November 12, 2019 - 8:43 am

Tonight and early tomorrow will be the coldest blast of air we've seen so far.  By tomorrow morning we are expecting our first freeze of the season on the northshore and possibly the southshore, too.  WWL home improvement expert Paul Lagrange says it's a good idea to do the same south of the lake too.  

"What you should do is get the split pipe foam insulation and cover every exposed portion of that pipe," Lagrange said.  "Anything like newspaper will work in a pinch.  Multiple layers of newspapers, multiple layers of towels or rags.  Any wrapping around those pipes that are exposed if your house is raised or even if your house is not those pipes need to be protected."  

Lagrange said his pipes are wrapped and whether the southshore needs it this time or not, it's a good idea to get it done because eventually we will need it this winter.  

"I feel confident that at least portions of the southshore are going to have to do this," Lagranges said.  

Lagrange says he's going to protect some trees and bushes at his home, too.

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