Poll: Gov. Edwards sits with a 49 percent approval rating

January 11, 2019 - 3:36 pm


A poll finds that about half of Louisiana voters approve of Governor John Bel Edwards’ job performance. Morning Consult, which polls the popularity of governors, found Edwards has a 49-percent approval rating, 30-percent disapprove and 21-percent are undecided. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley...
“Governor John Bel Edwards approval rating is strong for a democrat in a highly conservative and very republican state.”
Stockley says Edwards is doing well as a Democrat in the red state, because of his pro-gun and pro-life stance and his ability to bring budget stability… 
“There were whispers that this could be the first session since 2007 that we had gone into a possible surplus year.”
Edwards is up for re-election on October 12th and there are two announced Republican challengers. Stockley says a positive approval rating is one thing, but getting re-elected as a Democrat in a red state is a whole different story…
“I firmly believe that even if is approval rating was 60 percent he would still have a very competitive and tough reelection on his hands.” 

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