Attention: Phone scammers at work

If you get a phone call saying you've won a big prize, think again

Thomas Perumean
November 12, 2019 - 4:58 am

Getty Images - Artur

A Westwego woman was almost taken for $400 dollars and says recently she seems to be the target of scammers trying to get her hard earned money.  

"Am I on what the suckers list or something? Everyone calling me with all these scams," the unidentified woman told WWL-TV

Most recently the woman was told she'd won the Publishers Clearing House grand prize and would be receiving a new red Mercedes and $250-thousand a week for life.  It all hinged on her sending them $400 to process the prize.  

It turns out the woman didn't have $400.  So, the scammer offered to send her a check for $600.  When the woman took the check the bank, they refused it as the account it was drawn on had nothing in it.  

The woman called the Better Business Bureau's Cynthia Albert, who told her they're getting reports of these scams on a daily basis.  

Albert says the scammers are working furiously right now because the real Publishers Clearing House is getting ready to name a winner.  

And this is the first time this scam has been run on locals.  WWL's own Dave Cohen got told he'd won millions from PCH earlier this year.  Click Here to read the story and Click Here to listen to the call!

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