Parents talk about 11-year-old son charged with burglary, assault and other charges

Father says they are good parents

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
February 13, 2020 - 6:59 am

The mother and father of an eleven year old New Orleans child charged with breaking into 22 cars face a judge today.

The young boy is charged with 22 counts of car burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle and principal to aggravated assault with a gun.

His father says they have struggled to control their son.  He says he is feeling a series of emotions now.

"Depressed, disgusted, but kinda relieved that his is somewhere where I don't have to go look for him," Donald Bryant told WWL TV.

He takes issue with blaming him and his wife, however, instead pointing at bad influences on his son and criminals taking advantage of the child.

"What type of people would take advantage of an eleven year old child?  And do those type of things..." Bryant questioned. "I'm reading comments about, 'It might be the parents.' Man, he has good parents."

The child's mother Donna Howard said, "As a parent I feel kinda bad because it's like I wasn't strong enough and hard enough on Diego for Diego to be doing what he was supposed to be doing, which was going to school."

She adds that they frequently wake up to find their 11-year-old son has snuck out of the house.

Watch the full interview above and listen to Bryant with WWL's Tommy Tucker this morning on WWL AM&FM and below:

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