Online ticket market great way for Saints fans to see sold-out games

But there's a catch: Opposing team's fans can get in, too

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December 12, 2019 - 1:53 pm

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Patty Burnaman | WWL First News

The number of San Francisco 49ers fans in the dome last Sunday was incredible.  Some at the game said that sometimes, the '9ers fans were as loud as Saints fans. 

How can that be?  The Saints are sold out on a season-ticket basis.  Where did these fans get those tickets?  Well, season ticket holders list their tickets on third party web sites, and sell their tickets at a profit.

Erin Exum, spokesperson for StubHub, tells us there are still some tickets available for Monday night's game versus the Indianapolis Colts, but they are not cheap.

"This is a high demand game," said Exum. "Tickets are selling for an average price of $210 which is still 10 percent higher than the average for other NFL games."

Season ticket holders will list their tickets for sale on StubHub and other web sites.  Even though the Saints are coming off a heartbreaking loss, the upcoming  Monday night Football game in New Orleans is an attractive event

And even though we don't know the date or time of the Saints home playoff game, those tickets are also available from third party sellers. The date and opponent is listed as "TBD." And you don't have to make your decisions too early.

"The NFL allows tickets to be sold 60 minutes into the game," said Exum, so anyone with a phone and a credit card can buy tickets and get in.

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