One year after flood exposed Sewerage & Water Board problems, system touts improvements

Chris Miller
August 05, 2018 - 7:35 am

A year ago today, a heavy downpour exposed serious deficiencies in the New Orleans drainage system. Now, the Sewerage and Water Board is touting the improvements made since then.

"We had 18 pumps that were out of service across the pumping complex back in last August. Today, all 18 of those pumps have been repaired," said Joe Sensebe, part of the interim management team brought in after several top-level officials resigned or were fired in the wake of the cover-up about how the drainage system was working that day a year ago.

Sensebe said there are still a few pumps around the city that are inoperable, but 95 out of 99 drainage pumps are in working order. He says they also have more than enough generators to provide the electricity electricity to run them:

"That gives us the ability to generate in excess of 70 megawatts of power and fully power up all of our drainage operations across the city."

Sensebe said they have also put new protocols in place so the public is kept informed, unlike a year ago when "the pumps were operating at full capacity" became "the pumps were operating at the capacity available to them at the time."

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