What will be the hot sellers this holiday season

Jim Hanzo
November 15, 2018 - 7:00 am

With exactly one week until Thanksgiving, many of the holiday sales begin Thanksgiving Day.  

Shoppers will be preparing to either shop in the stores or on-line.  

What will consumers be looking for?  

Ana Serafin Smith, Senior Director, for media relations, with the National Retail Federation breaks it down as to what will be the hot items this year and she says electronics will always be the hot items, like smart phones. But when it comes to great deals. 

"TVs and laptops tend to have the highest discounts especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday," Serafin Smith said.  

But there are other items besides electronics that always grab people's attention.  

"Gift cards tend to be the number one gift of choice to give and to receive from consumers," she added.  She says just make sure they are from a legitimate retailer. 

"L.O.L. toys come up with a new innovation, a new series for what they want to promote this year," Serafin Smith said.  "What we are seeing is a lot more items on 'Black Panther, X-Men, The Avengers,' all big movies this year and children tend to gravitate towards wanting to have those for the holidays."     

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