Officials scramble for ways to keep New Orleans drainage funded

S&WB's drainage system out of cash

Chris Miller
November 08, 2018 - 12:44 pm

The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board has run out of cash for its drainage operations. Officials are looking ahead on making sure they have the money to operate pumps and do other work to keep water from filling up the city.

City councilman Joe Giarrusso says there are some accounts receivable that the Sewerage and Water board will step up collections on.

"Some of the different systems are owned money either from the state or the federal government," Giarrusso told WWL's Newell Normand, "and it looks like Sewerage and Water Board is going to pursue those."

The drainage system can also borrow money from the water and sewerage sectors of the business, although Giarrusso says that's a short term Band-Aid, especially since those segments also have stressed cash reserves due to billing issues.

"You've got to be able to collect the revenue on the sewer and water side to make sure you have the cash on hand that you need."

Beyond that, Giarrusso says the system won't get money until next year's property tax payments start coming in.

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