Medical marijuana appears to not be available until next year

October 22, 2018 - 9:40 am


The hope was that medical marijuana would be available to patients in Louisiana this year, but the inability to find an independent lab to test the product is holding up the process. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says the grower, G-B Sciences, has harvested the first crop.  

“Basically, we allowed them to get started so they could get their equipment in place,” said Strain. 

A meeting takes place Monday between Strain, G-B Sciences and the LSU Ag Center on finding an independent to run a myriad of tests.

“We test it for many different things, but we have not found an outside lab anywhere in the state, and we’ve been working on that for over a year, to find a lab that can run these tests.”

Ag says they’ve spent $800,000 purchasing equipment to run their own test.

And when asked when the oil and pill based CBD treatments will be available…

“We hope this year, but the bottom line is before LSU AgCenter and GB sciences can get into full production they have to finish the suitability process.”

GB Sciences says they aren’t to blame for the holdup, and claims they’ve been given no protocol from the Ag Department related to how the drug is supposed to be tested, such as how much product should be sent, and in what form.

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