Odell Beckham, Jr. incident: Officer now refuses to press charges

Superdome Security Officer reverses self in new affidavit filing

Thomas Perumean
January 18, 2020 - 11:36 am
Superdome Security Officer reverses self in new affidavit filing



As an arrest warrant for Cleveland Browns' receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. hanging in the wind, the officer who sparked the case by filing a complaint against the NFL superstar appears to be back tracking.  

It all began with an alleged smack on the butt by Beckham that lead the officer to file the complaint and signed an affidavit to the effect with the NOPD.  A charge of simple battery was generated and the department issued an arrest warrant.  Even District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro appealed for Beckham to turn himself in.  

NOPD commenting on the details of the incident said a lieutenant with the Superdome Security force reportedly wanted to punch Beckham in retailiation after the buttslap, but went ahead and filed the complaint after video of the incident went viral.  

As time wore on, and Beckham was no where to be found, and the team was in Washington D.C. visiting with President Donald Trump, the attitudes about the seriousness of the incident apparently began to change.  

Even District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro seemed to backtrack by calling the case a distraction:  "When all the focus should be on these young men [the LSU Tigers Football team] and their accomplishments, unfortunately we see this very, very, and I'll say from what I saw, a very, very silly and uncalled for event by someone."  

By Friday night, according to the Times-Picyune/New Orleans Advocate, the officer at the center of the case filed a new affidavit saying he no longer wanted to press charges.  

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