Odds already for next year, LSU at 6 to 1 to win it all

Clemson has the best odds at 9 to 4

Jim Hanzo
January 15, 2020 - 8:44 am

With another college football championship in the books, it's never too early to look at who's favored to win it all next year.  Clemson has the best chance to win it all next season followed by Alabama, Ohio State and LSU at 6 to 1.  Odds consultant Scott Cooley with Cool Media PR explains.

"Let's just be clear, if Joe Burrow was coming back next season, LSU would be the favorite for the National Championship," said Cooley.  "Clemson is number one at 9 to 2 odds."

4 Tigers have a chance at winning next year's Heisman trophy.  Quarterback Myles Brennan, cornerback Derek Stingley Jr, and Wide Receivers JaMarr Chase and Justin Jefferson.

"Brennan currently has 16 to 1 odds to win the Heisman," said Cooley.  "Let's not forget that Burrow had odds much higher than that at the beginning of the season."  

6 to 1 odds for LSU means if you bet 100 dollars and LSU wins it all you would win 600 bucks.   

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