Number of teens dying in car crashes in LA cut in half

October 23, 2017 - 9:08 am


The number of teens involved in fatal car crashes went down 53 percent in Louisiana over the last ten years, according to the National Young Driver Survey. 

There are a few reasons for that, says Kip Diggs with State Farm Insurance. He says the biggest contributing factor to the decrease is graduated driver’s licensing laws.

“Putting more things in place to monitor their driving, both before they get a driver’s license and after they get a driver’s license," Diggs explained.

Diggs says the roads aren’t as dangerous because kids have more restrictions like cell phone and nighttime driving restrictions. He says this has led to parents being more involved in the driving process.

“Vigilant about how their teens are driving, the kind of times they’re driving, making sure they don’t have too many kids in the car and of course making sure they’re staying off the phone,” said DIggs.

Diggs says with the improvements with seat belts and vehicles, he expects this number of fatal crashes with drivers of all ages to go down. He says it all starts with adding more steps before teens can get a driver’s license.

“We believe as more states get on board with graduated driver’s licensing and they tighten up with that then it’s going to be even safer for teens out on the roads,” he said.

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