NRF: Stores opening on Thanksgiving because customers demand it

November 22, 2017 - 9:55 am

The lines have become blurred between family traditions on Thanksgiving and getting the good deals before everyone else to kick off the holiday shopping season. 

Many stores around Southeast Louisiana are opening on Thanksgiving.

National Retail Federation’s Ana Serafin Smith says many stores are opening earlier on Thanksgiving. It all started with one retail giant.
"It started with Walmart actually making an announcement.  It ten years ago they said they were going to start Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day and then everyone else followed suit."
According to, 38 retail chains will be open Thursday. They include Best Buy, Gamestop, JcPenney,’s, Sears and numerous others. The four Louisiana K-Marts are expected to open as early as 6am. Most other retailers will remain closed until early afternoon. Smith says the consumer demands it and retail will answer.
"The consumers have a lot of voice.  We have to remember that they're the ones that really are the power end of the industry.  Without them, the retailers cannot succeed during the holidays." 
Surveys show more consumers are expected to shop online this year compared to shopping at brick and mortar stores. Smith says for some shoppers there’s a great attraction to shopping on Thanksgiving night. 
"They ate too much.  They want to walk it off and they want to spend that little bit of  extra cash they have available on the day they're off." 

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