You got your crawfish in my ice cream! You got your ice cream in my crawfish!

David Blake
April 16, 2019 - 10:09 pm

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While crawfish is a sacred delicacy in Louisiana, the idea of crawfish flavored ice cream might make most Cajuns wince. But that flavor has gained popularity on the Internet, and it has many people make the trip to a Houston, Texas ice cream parlor.

Nickey Ngo owns Red Circle Ice Cream in Houston. She says the curiosity has been strong among those that have heard about the frozen treat.

Ngo says when preparing the batch of craft ice cream, they go through the entire process of an actual crawfish boil to capture the true flavor.

"We use real butter, real garlic, a lot of cayenne pepper in there to give it that kick and some Cajun spices," said Ngo. There are no chucks of crawfish meat -- they strain everything so its a smooth creamy texture.

"And when you eat it, you don't need to peel anything," said Ngo. "You just need to lick your lips."

Ngo says the gimmick of having unique flavors is something the shop does often, They have also made Hot Cheetos-flavored ice creams, and barbecue ice cream.

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