Normand: Goal should be convicting MN cop for murder of George Floyd

Former JP sheriff says fast track could hurt ability to get a conviction


Authorities say they fast tracked the procedure to bring 3rd degree murder charges against Derek Chauvin, the fired police officer seen kneeling on the neck of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

It came admidst riots, looting, vandalism and arson in Minneapolis and elsewhere.

Former Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand, the current host of The Newell Normand Show on WWL, says bringing charges so quickly was not the best thing to do in the interest of justice for George Floyd.

"I think you are very much on a slippery slope when you put things on a fast track like that in order to satisfy the public at large," he insisted.  "They are moving at a speed that they are typically not comfortable with."

Normand, also an attorney, says it could hurt the case in the long run.

"This does kind of opens themselves up to potentially having some weaknesses in their case."

Why then rush to arrest and charge Chauvin?

"Obviously there is a lot of pressure on the political infrastructure there in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities.  They are trying to, I think, hold at bay the amount of civil unrest."

The former sheriff, however, says he would not have proceeded in that fashion.

"I firmly believe that you don't let public sentiment enter into altering the course of the manner in which we handle all investigations. The moment that you allow subjective elements to influence how you conduct an investigation, I believe you are on a slippery slope."

Normand says the goal should be getting a conviction against the officer, not moving fast in response to public outcry.

"I would rather build a case and make sure that you have a rock-solid prosecutable case."  

Normand says the riots should not be allowed to influence the speed of the investigation or prosecution of the case.

He says they should be handled separate and apart.

Normand says everything surrounding the case and the civil unrest is taking the focus away from where it should be... on the victim in this incident.

"Unfortunately I think all of this diminishes the loss of Mr. George Floyd's life."

WARNING: Below video shows George Floyd die and contains language some may find offensive

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