Normand: Northshore coroner, sheriff, may have different evidence in woman's death

St. Tammany Sheriff to discuss fire chief's wife's case Thursday morning

Chris Miller
September 13, 2017 - 3:30 pm

St. Tammany Parish Coroner Dr. Charles Preston today announced that the death of the wife of Nanette Krentel, wife of a fire chief on the Northshore, is a homicide, but the St. Tammany Sheriff doesn't seem as sure -- Sheriff Randy Smith's office today put out a news release that said his office "does not necessarily support the Coroner’s conclusion."

So why the discrepancy? WWL host and former Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand says it appears the coroner and the sheriff aren't on the same page.

"The coroner's looking at a certain kind of evidence, forensic evidence, in the recreation of a crime scene and things of that sort," Normand explained. "I'm not sure what other evidence lies in the hands of Sheriff Smith."

Listen to Newell Normand:

Newell Normand - Nanette Krentel investigation.mp3

Normand said prosecutors in St. Tammany may also have to deal with this if a criminal case is to be made.

"If I were to put myself in the shoes of the district attorney, I would much rather this be worked out behind closed doors," he said. "It can't help but somewhat taint the jury pool to a certain extent if there turns out to be huge, different opinions."

Sheriff Smith has called a news conference for tomorrow to give an update on the case.

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