NOPD license plate scanner roll-out delayed

Chris Miller
October 13, 2017 - 9:06 am

The New Orleans Police Department's license plate reading technology is currently being deployed and should be finished with set up this month, according to police officials.

Last month, police officials told the New Orleans City Council that they planned on having everything installed by October 15, if the weather cooperated.

Ten of 35 units have been installed and ten mobile units are already deployed. Chief Michael Harrison told the members of the New Orleans City Council last month that officers will work to protect people's privacy as they scan vehicles for possible stolen cars, stolen licenses, or crime vehicles that citizens tip them off to.

"Patrol officers and detectives will get with training on the properties of the license plate reader system," said Harrison, and the privacy regulations and privacy issues that come about and how we should deploy that as a police department."

The cameras will create a surveillance network that can alert cops to the movements of criminals.

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