NOPD getting help to cover Endymion route

60 JPSO deputies working Mid-City

Chris Miller
February 21, 2020 - 7:09 am
Mardi Gras

The Krewe of Endymion rolls this weekend, the last of the Mid-City parades. The New Orleans Police Department will get some extra help as they cover the parade in Mid-City, along with parades Uptown and on the Westbank.

NOPD Deputy Chief Paul Noel says they're stretched thin on Endymion Saturday.

"That day is one of the most challenging days we have because we actually have three separate parade routes going on at the same time," he explained. "We have Uptown parade route, we have NOMTOC across the river, and we have Endymion on the Mid-City route."

But there are no parades in Jefferson Parish on Endymion day, so Endymion is paying for detail of Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office deputies to deploy to Mid-City, until NOPD officers can re-deploy when the Uptown and Algiers parades are over.

"They agreed to hire, at their expense, they're going to hire 60 Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office deputies," said Noel.

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