Documents: NOPD confirmed evidence that Dunlap sent homophobic tweet

Dunlap's civil attorney no longer represents him

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 15, 2019 - 5:37 pm

New Orleans Police court filings support the accusation that an offensive post to Twitter directed at an openly gay WWL Radio sports host came from the host himself.

An Affidavit for Search Warrant filed by NOPD Detective Denis James lays out the evidence police used to conclude that while he was a WWL Radio sports host, Seth Dunlap sent a homophobic tweet from his own phone using the official WWL Radio Twitter account.

"The tweet was actually made from the... IP Address... historically seen coming from Seth Dunlap's phone while using the WWL Twitter account," the detective explains. "Along with the IP Address there is a Unique Device Identification number (UDID) which is an electronic static serial number assigned to the phone by Apple during manufacturing."

James says every connection from Dunlap's IP Address "was from this same unique Device/Exchange ID."

From this he says the evidence further shows that records detail how the same electronic DNA was found to match Dunlap's other online activity.

"All of the activity from 'sdunlap' (Seth Dunlap) in the Exchange/IIS logs was associated with the same Device/Exchange ID."

The court filing explains that the initial findings were developed through a digital forensics firm WWL and parent company Entercom hired.

Detective James goes on to assert that NOPD's research supports the same findings.

"All of this information and digital evidence was... confirmed by the New Orleans Police Digital Forensics Unit pursuant to expert analysis."

The application for a search warrant also details what was discovered in Dunlap's search history.

"Dunlap conducted internet searches on the following terms; find ip address, finding out who hacked your twitter, how to open ip-audit twitter data... (Which Detective James believes to be an attempt at mitigation or an alibi.)."

The investigator also outlined his case for an extortion charge.

"Dunlap asked the WWL legal and management teams how much money they would pay him before he went 'Scorched Earth'." James told the court. "Dunlap  requested $1.815 million.”

Dunlap and his now-former attorney repeatedly denied he sent the tweet.

The Times Picayune The New Orleans Advocate reports the former host has hired a new criminal defense lawyer, and he insists he is innocent...

His then-lawyer said Dunlap even took a lie detector test and passed it.

The complaint that WWL and Entercom filed with NOPD says Dunlap was seen on video surveillance walking into his office and closing the door at the time the post was made, and then walking out of his office with his phone in his hand just after the tweet went out.

In addition to Dunlap’s denial that he sent the tweet, he alleged mistreatment.

His former lawyer Megan Kiefer labeled Entercom's allegations as "defamatory."

In a public release, she said, "We will reveal the appalling history of discrimination Seth has experienced during his eight years at Entercom as an openly gay man."

Kiefer alleged that Entercom has allowed an anti-gay, bigoted, and hostile work environment to flourish.

"Entercom as well as its corporate lawyers were aware of instances of homophobia and discrimination and did nothing to protect Seth or its LGBTQ+ employees."

She said she would be preparing a lawsuit and complaint to discuss this in more detail.

Kiefer told the Times Picayune The New Orleans Advocate that WWL's complaint is "littered with falsehoods."  

She also claimed that Entercom's attorneys "illegally used the threat of criminal prosecution" to settle potential litigation.

In a statement, WWL and Entercom insisted, "We strive to be inclusive at all levels as a steward of the community and a good corporate citizen. We remain committed to supporting all members of the LGBTQ+ community."  

Kiefer said, "Seth voluntarily submitted to a polygraph test administered by a certified and licensed expert polygraph examiner.  The results of the testing, which have a 95% accuracy rate, concluded that Seth was truthful during the polygraph testing, and completely exonerated Seth from any involvement in the offense tweet whatsoever."

In the police report, WWL outlines how Dunlap is allegedly in financial trouble, faced with collection efforts and wage garnishment requests for "a variety of unpaid credit cards and personal loans."

The legal case against Dunlap remains open, but in James' initial effort to get an arrest warrant, the magistrate denied to approve an arrest for extortion.

If convicted of extortion, Dunlap could face 15 years in prison.

The Twitter post at the center of the probe is below.


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