No seating: Bar seating, indoor capacity caps take effect

Mask mandates for Jefferson Parish take effect on Wednesday.

Thomas Perumean
July 11, 2020 - 5:53 am

Restrictions announced by New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell on Wednesday take effect today. 

Bars and restaurants are no longer allowed to provide seating to patrons at the bar. 

Any seating in the lounge will be table seating, either inside or outside on the sidewalk. 

Ordering at the bar self-service is still allowed, but you cannot linger at the bar and must return to a seat after being served. 

Also being instituted will be a capacity cap of 25-people indoors. 

Any number above 25, people will need to sit outside, at tables on the sidewalk. 

Mayor Cantrell made the announcement in an attempt to slow the upward progression of COVID-19 infections without having to move backward into Phase One restrictions and closures of bars and restaurants. 

Meanwhile, Gretna, Kenner, and unincorporated Jefferson Parish will kick in on Wednesday.  

You will be required to wear a mask whenever you are out of your home, shopping, dining, or going out.  



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