Teething problems: New terminal plagued by long lines, baggage issues

Lines, lines, lines...long waits, short tempers, confusion

Thomas Perumean
November 11, 2019 - 6:20 am

Thomas Perumean


The new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport met its first weekend of full operation with a Sunday crush load of travellers and there were teething problems to say the least.  

Passengers swelled the terminal's expansive open spaces and dealt with long, long lines as the TSA check-point was overwelmed and understaffed.  

One traveller pined for the old terminal as they languished in the TSA check point line, telling the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate:  The old terminal "has always been the easiest place for you to get in and get out of for business travel."

Streetside, it was confusion and more lines, both people and vehicles.  Ride sharing and taxi back ups had passengers waiting for an hour or more just to get ground transportation.  

A bright spot is the price for an Uber or Lyft has stabilized at around $40, down from double during the first few days.  

Saturday is reported to have been much more pleasurable for passengers, with TSA lines streaming ticket holders along at a good clip.  

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