Park Dat: New terminal parking makes trips to the airport convenient

New bag handling service at economy lot expected to be very popular

Thomas Perumean
December 20, 2019 - 6:04 am
Park Dat: New terminal parking makes trips to the airport convenient

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Leaving or arriving in New Orleans, every flight begins with a trip to the airport.  Finding parking can be the make or break starting to a trip.  

At Armstrong International Airport, the conveniences they've built into the terminal extend to the parking garages as well.  

A trip to the airport starts before you leave with a check of parking situation on your smart phone.  The Airport's Park-Assist Program will show you available parking at all of the airport's garages.  

When you arrive, the same program is keeping track of open spots and displaying them.  "It's a series of red, green, and blue lights that indicates availability," Airport Director Kevin Dolliole says.  

"Any where you see a green light, each of those pods monitors four parking spaces.  If one space is open in that pod of four then that light's green."

If you're dropping off your car and flying out, the Airport's economy lot on the south side of the field is offering a new service to make your experience that much more convenient.  

The economy lot is offering Remote Bag Check-in.  "A skycap will take your bag, check them to your destination, and issue your boarding pass," Dolliole says.  

"Park you vehicle, board a shuttle bus free of lugging bags up and down the stairs of a shuttle bus.  And when you get to the north terminal you go directly to the TSA check point, you're already checked in."

Dolliole says all major airlines serving Armstrong are participating in this new service.  He predicts the remote bag check-in will be very popular. 

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