New tarp in place to cover human remains protruding from Hard Rock rubble

Chris Miller
January 22, 2020 - 4:24 pm

Thomas Perumean


Although city officials said it would be too dangerous to try and hang a new tarp over the remains of one of the workers killed in the Hard Rock Hotel construction collapse, a new tarp now covers the area where the worker's legs were briefly visible.

New Orleans Fire Chief Tim McConnell said it was not easy, and it was dangerous.

"It is a challenge. They were successful in getting a couple of tarps up there, but those had some rips in them," he said. "They are currently working to try and get another tarp secured up there."

McConnell said parts of the structure they were able to work in months ago have since collapsed further, and it's a dangerous situation. He said the city will not risk lives unnecessarily.

Pictures of the body went viral on social media after the tarp that had been obscuring the legs dangling from the side of the rubble fell from the building.

The October 12 collapse killed three people who were working on what would have been the Canal St. hotel.

After some back-and-forth over what to do with the wreckage, the city and the owners appear set on a implosion to bring the structure down in its entirety. They expect it to happen as early as March.

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