New Orleans cops won't respond to most car crashes anymore

David Blake
April 04, 2019 - 3:06 pm

A private company called ''On Scene Services'' is hoping to take over minor traffic accident investigations from the NOPD.

CEO and company founder Ethan Cheramie says dispatchers won't send them to accidents with injuries or worse.

''Signal 20s (the NOPD radio call for a vehicle wreck) will be what we respond to without the need for EMS on the scene,'' said Cheramie.

He says his units are official-looking SUVs with former or off-duty cops inside, thus sparing police officers from hours of paperwork.

"We take numerous photos of both vehicles, we're doing video and we have a drone that we can throw up in the air and get a great shot from above as we record all this data,'' Cheramie said.

Initially, the company started with one unit, but will grow to eight or more and place them in areas with a history of accidents, so they can respond as soon as possible.

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