New Orleans tourism industry anxiously awaits news on easing COVID-19 restrictions

Chris Miller
June 04, 2020 - 1:45 pm

While most Louisiana businesses will be allowed to let more customers in when Phase 2 of relaxing coronavirus restrictions begins Friday, New Orleans officials say it may be a week behind the rest of the state.

After months of staying closed and then reopening at a fraction of their capacity, New Orleans & Company president and CEO Steve Perry said the wait to open further has been agonizing..

"It's most critical to the restaurants and to the small, eclectic retail shops that have given New Orleans so much of its character," said Perry. 

Perry says they've followed all the rules, and it's worked.

"The strategies here in New Orleans have truly flattened the curve," he said. "New Orleans numbers are actually better than the numbers in some other parts of the state."

Perry businesses in the city are going to have to hang on a few more days.

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