TV and movie stars to shine in Hollywood South this summer

New and returning shows keep cameras busy in New Orleans

Don Ames
May 27, 2019 - 6:21 am


Things are heating up in Hollywood South as we head into the summer months.
Nearly 20 TV and movie projects will be shooting in New Orleans.
Summer used to be slow here in the city as production crews shied away from our heat and hurricane threats. But, Chris Stelly, Executive Group Director of Louisiana Entertainment​, says that's no longer the case.
"Not really. We're certainly not going to see that dip this year because of those reasons. Hurricanes and heat really haven't been a deterrent over the past few years."
TV shows will account for most of the activity. New Orleans is  currently home to half a dozen well established series, and Stelly says that's a big plus.
'A mature TV series tends to become part of the community. They're putting their kids in school. They're giving back. That's just the nature of a long-term TV series, where they're here 10 to 11 months out of the year."
He says 'NCIS: New Orleans' is a great example. "Yeah! You know, they got picked up for another season. They'll be back for Season 6, so we look forward to seeing Scott Bakula and the guys back in the city."
Some new TV shows will also be shooting in New Orleans this year, as will some new movie projects. So, the city will be seeing lots of stars this summer.  "Most of the projects in Louisiana are based in New Orleans," says Stelly.
Among the  stars who'll be in town the next couple of months are Keanu Reeves, Kim Cattrall,  Laurence Fishburne, Emma Roberts and Sterling K. Brown, from the TV show 'This Is Us' and the movie 'Black Panther.'
It promises to be  a hot time in Hollywood South, with plenty of lights, cameras and action. Here's a list of the entertainment activity.

  • THE SECRETS WE KEEP - Feature film 'The Secrets We Keep' is filming through May in New Orleans.
  • SULPHUR SPRINGS - The Disney TV series, ‘Sulphur Springs’ is filming in New Orleans through September
  • ANNEX - Feature film 'Annex' is filming in New Orleans through mid-June
  • SOLDIER PROJECT - An, as yet, untitled feature film is filming in New Orleans through July
  • #FREE RAY SHAWN - Short Form film '#Free Ray Shawn' starring Stephan James, Chadwick Boseman and Laurence Fishburne is filming TFN in New Orleans
  • THE PHOTOGRAPH - Feature film 'The Photograph' starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield is currently filming in New Orleans, TFN
  • QUEEN SUGAR SEASON 4 - Television series 'Queen Sugar' Season has been filming since March 11th in New Orleans
  • LOOKING FOR ALASKA - Television series 'Looking for Alaska' starring Charlie Plummer is shooting through June in New Orleans
  • PURGE SEASON 2 - Television series 'Purge' Season 2 is shooting through mid-September in New Orleans
  • QUEEN OF THE SOUTH SEASON 4 - Television series Queen of the South Season 4 is filming through June 25th in New Orleans
  • BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC - Feature film 'Bill & Ted Face the Music', starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter has begun production in New Orleans, and should be filming through August
  • COACH WILLIE - Feature film 'Coach Willie,' staring Sterling K. Brown, is in pre-production and will be filming in New Orleans through mid June
  • FILTHY RICH - Television series 'Filthy Rich,' starring Kim Cattrall, will be filming in New Orleans mid-June TFN
  • JAY AND SILENT BOB GET A REBOOT - Feature film 'Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot' starring Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Donnell Rawlings filmed through March in New Orleans
  • HOT DATE SEASON 2 - Television series 'Hot Date' Season 2 just completed 20 days of filming in New Orleans.
  • THE QUARRY - Television series 'The Quarry' filmed for a month through April in New Orleans
  • CLAWS - Television series 'Claws' Season 3 filmed from November, 2018 through April in New Orleans
  • NCIS NEW ORLEANS SEASON 5 - Television series 'NCIS: New Orleans' completed filming in April in New Orleans
  • THE HUNT - Feature film 'The Hunt' filmed through April in New Orleans.
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