Saints fans are optimistic about a win against the Bucs, and believe the season looks bright

Jim Hanzo
September 07, 2018 - 8:41 am

At home in the dome.  The regular season begins Sunday as the Saints square off against division rival Tampa.  We talked to some citizens of the Who Dat nation asked them how they think the Saints will do Sunday.

"Oh man, they are taking that one, they've got to," said one member of the Who Dat nation.  "They did okay in the preseason, but I'm excited to see what they're really like, you know, come out swinging."   

"There's no doubt about, I know they're going to win," said this woman.  "If they don't I'm going to have to hide my face, but no doubt about it.  I'm looking forward to seeing how Alvin Kamara does."

"I'm optimistic," another said.  

This Saints fan is feeling it.
"I always think we're going to get the win," he said.  "I'm really excited with all the young guys we have.  I'm anxious to see how they do Sunday." 

And are fans as optimistic about the entire season?

"They were 11-5 last year so they might lose 3 or 4 this season," this man said.  "I believer they are going to make the playoffs." 

"I have faith in them, I think they'll make it all the way," one lady said.  

One man thought they could be in for a letdown going 8-8.  
"I think they'll go 50/50," he said. 

"Super Bowl or bust this year," another man said.  "I think 12-4."  

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