Who Dats: The Saints had a complete game

Jim Hanzo
November 12, 2018 - 8:46 am



The Saints dominated the Cincinnati Bengals 51-14.  Drew Brees was nearly flawless.  WWL reports that the Who Dat Nation is all pumped about their Black & Gold. 

"It was a great game, they played wonderful offensively and defensively," said this fan.  "They dominated."

"I like it that guys we hadn't seen before got to play, and I like that the young kid (Keith) Kirkwood got to play and do well," said this lady.  

"The defense really kicked in for us obviously holding them back and we did fantastic," said another man.  "Who Dat is better than Who Dey for sure."   

"It was a great game, they did everything right and Drew Brees always impresses," said another fan.   

"Offense was so efficient and the defense played very, very well, they got after the quarterback, said another Who Dat.  "It was a complete game."   

Next up for the Saints, the Eagles.

"Philly at home which I think will be a tough but we get 'em at home so the Who Dats will be out in full force," he added.  "I think they take them."  

Next Sunday's game is a 3:25 p.m. kickoff.  You can hear it on WWL.  

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