Are New Orleans homeowners in for property tax sticker shock?

Quadrennial reassessments underway

Chris Miller
July 17, 2019 - 11:38 am

New Orleans is reassessing property values for tax purposes in the coming year. It's a process the city goes through every four years, and thanks to rising New Orleans property values, some homeowners may seem very different property valuations from what they saw four years ago.

"Fair market value is what we're chasing," said Orleans Parish Tax Assessor Errol Williams. "That's not necessarily always knowledgeable when you're looking it from the curbside view, like we do, because we don't do independent fee appraisal."

With some neighborhoods having shot up in value over the last few years, some long time property owners might be caught off guard. Williams says they know they don't get them all right, so there's an appeal process

"We try and encourage property owners, if you get a huge increase or something you disagree with, bring it to our attention," he said. "You have 32 days to come down to the assessor's office and bring your evidence to support whether or not the value we place on your property is too high."

Williams says his office tries to work with property owners and find a compromise, and if that fails, property owners can also file a formal appeal with the Board of Review.

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