NOPD chief Michael Harrison says he'll increase traffic stops as traffic cameras come down

Jim Hanzo
November 13, 2018 - 4:42 pm

The New Orleans Police Department is planning to increasing traffice stops as Mayor LaToya Cantrell follows through on her plan to remove traffic enforecement cameras. 
Chief Michael Harrison told City Council members today about his plan. 

"We can increase enforcement in the traffic unit because if a number of traffic are taken off-line, the viewing of those videos are diminished as well, and there is a pot of overtime use to pay for officers to view those videos," Harrison said.      
He calls it the most visible enforcement actions, officers can take.

"As the department grows and like all the other critical units of the city, we will increase the staffing of those units," Harrison added. 

While Mayor Cantrell will remove 20 traffic enforcement cameras in New Orleans, school zone speed cameras will stay up, but only during school hours

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