Short-term rental decision kicked down the road

Chris Miller
September 25, 2018 - 11:15 pm

After hours of debate at New Orleans City Hall that lasted well into the night, the question of what to do about New Orleans' short-term rental rules has been deferred.

A major piece of the changes the city planning commission is considering is whether or not the city should lift the ban on short term rentals in the French Quarter.

"We are not wealthy and we need rental income to be able to offset the steep taxes and insurance and the high cost of maintenance of the oldest historic property in the city," said French Quarter resident Lee Ali. "These guest cottages are wonderful for weekend stays, but their small bathrooms and kitchens are less than ideal for long-term occupancy."

"There are no other neighborhoods with this prohibition and it is discriminatory," her sister, Rose, asserted.

But other residents had worries about driving locals out in favor of tourists.

"Short term rentals as they exist now are an engine of inequality, generating discrimination in every sphere in which  they operate," said Rebecca Levy with the Advocacy Center of Louisiana.

The planning commission deferred their decision to October 3.

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