New Orleans making presentation to host Super Bowl in 2024

Officials say nothing awarded yet



The Saints, City of New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation are headed to make a presentation for the city to host the Super Bowl in 2024.

Listen to an interview with Jay Cicero with the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation:

"We're flying to Atlanta today," Sam Joffray with the Sports Foundation told WWL First News. "We are presenting on Wednesday a proposal to host the Super Bowl."

He says no other cities have been invited to present at this time.

"It is different that it has been in the past," the Sports Foundation's Jay Cicero explained. "In the past... we have been pitted against a new stadium city or other cities.  (Now) it is a single city invite."

"Nothing is awarded yet," Joffray says they are going to meet with NFL staff. "Mrs. Benson will make a presentation on Wednesday to NFL ownership, and we will see what happens."

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