New Orleans D.A. won't seek death penalty for accused cop-killer

Chris Miller
October 10, 2018 - 11:15 am

New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office has decided not to pursue the death penalty against suspected cop-killer Darren Bridges. Bridges will stand trial for first degree murder of New Orleans Police Officer Marcus McNeil.

Prosecutors say Bridges shot and killed McNeil as McNeil was patrolling New Orleans East in October of last year.

"Our decision to take the death penalty off the table in this case in no way diminishes the heinous nature of this defendant’s crime," said Cannizzaro in a statement from the D.A's office. "The killing of a police officer will always be treated as one of the most serious offenses anyone in Louisiana can commit, and we are determined to prosecute this case of first-degree murder to the fullest extent.

"Officer McNeil’s family understands and endorsed pursuing this as a non-capital case, in order to reduce the many years of delay that would accompany a death penalty effort. Our prosecutors will work diligently to bring a swifter measure of justice for their loved one."

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