The public weighs in, what to do with short term rentals

Jim Hanzo
July 11, 2018 - 8:32 am

It's a hot topic.  Short term rentals in New Orleans.  The City Planning Commission heard public opinion yesterday about what to do with short term rentals.  Some for and some against.

The public hearing lasted for over 3 hours and 110 people. 

"To take away the Airbnb without giving us enough lead time has kept us from trying to rent to next year's students," said this man who is for the short term rentals.  

"We love New Orleans and the world loves New Orleans, that's because of the wonderful people who live in New Orleans, let's not kill the goose that laid the golden egg," said this woman against the short term rentals in her neighborhood.

Some suggestions included a one host, one-home policy, putting a cap on the number of rentals someone can have, and some believe that it should even be banned in some parts of the New Orleans area.  

The City Council will now take up the issue of STRs or short term rentals with some modifications.

"5 yays, 1 nays, the motion to adopt the staff recommendation for modified approval passes," said the City Planning Commission Chairman Jonathan Stewart.

Public comment is still receivable until August 20.  The final results of the study are expected to go to the council in September.

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