New Orleans City Council approves resolution to make streets safer for bicyclists

Chris Miller
March 14, 2019 - 2:04 pm

The New Orleans City Council Thursday voted unanimously to take action on making city streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Council president Jason Williams wants the city to update its "complete streets" policy to find ways to improve bike safety. He says cyclists are demanding it.

"You said do it right, and you said, more importantly, do it now," said Williams. 

The resolution calls on the city council transportation committee to look at ways to beef up laws as they pertain to cycling, and encourage the administration to actively enforce the law.

"There's words, and then there's action," said Williams. "And without execution and enforcement, which is the executive branch, laws and words mean nothing."

Already discussion has begun on increasing fines for vehicles that drive in or park in bike lanes. The council also wants to explore shifting bike lanes with parking lanes, so cyclists will ride adjacent to the curb, and parallel-parked vehicles will act as a buffer between them and passing traffic.

The council also wants to explore creating weekly "car free" days on specific sections of streets, reserving them for cyclists and pedestrians only.

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