New Orleans City Council meets to consider Entergy investigator

Body continues to look into use of paid supporters at public meetings

Chris Miller
June 15, 2018 - 6:56 am

Members of the New Orleans City Council today will meet to consider an investigator to look into the use of hired actors during discussions of Entergy New Orleans' proposed New Orleans East power station.

An independent panel of New Orleans City Council staff will recommend an investigator. The council last week put out a request for qualifications to have a third party look into Entergy's admission that a sub-contractor paid people to appear at meetings and support the utility's proposed power plant.

Council Utilities Regulatory Office Chief of Staff Erin Spears says the investigation should actually get underway in about a month.

"Depending on how long it takes for several lawyers to agree on contract goal is for the mid part of July to have a contract in place," Spears told the council utilities committee Thursday.

Utilities committee chairwoman Helena Moreno says the council wants a swift investigation -- but may choose to extend it in order to ensure a thorough one.

"We'd like this done in 30 days," said Moreno. "Be assured that this will be a third party, independent thorough investigation, and obviously we'd like it returned to us in a very timely manner."

The council's Selection Review Committee meets at 9:30 in the council research library -- room 1E06 at New Orleans City Hall.

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