New Orleans Archbishop Aymond on family separations: "It's really inhumane"

Chris Miller
June 20, 2018 - 6:27 pm

New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond today told WWL First News that there has to be a better way to handle undocumented immigrant families crossing the U.S. border that doesn't involve separating children from their parents.

"We're not getting into politics, we're getting into morality," the archbishop told WWL's Tommy Tucker. "Morality would not dictate separating parents from children."

Aymond said he personally knows people from Central America who have had to flee because criminals are threatening their lives and have even put a price on their heads. 

"The teaching of the Catholic Church is that if a person is experiencing injustice, persecution, or danger, they have a human right to find a place of security in which to begin a new life," said Aymond in a Facebook post. " Nations are encouraged to create laws that will allow legal immigration in a just way. As a church we have never suggested, “Open our borders – all are welcome”, yet countries must regulate their borders with justice and mercy."

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