New Orleanians are mixed when it comes to whether they like it hot or cold

Jim Hanzo
December 06, 2017 - 8:47 am

We'll be hard pressed to get out of the forties today.  It is bitter cold.  We checked with some folks to find out if they like this cold blast of winter or do they prefer it to be warm. 

"For me, cold weather," said this woman.  "I love every minute of it.  I love sweaters, I love jackets, I love hot chocolate, I love Christmas and the holidays."  

"I prefer hot weather over this," said another lady.  "All day, every day.  "Around 85 degrees is good.  This is cold.  I'm going to be miserable."   

"I like the cold weather," this man responded.  "It's hunting time.  Deer, ducks, I hunt 'em all."  

"Cold weather, yes, it's Christmas season," said another woman.  "I love it."  

"Hot weather, because you can always cool off," said this man.  "When it gets cold, you just can't that coldness out of you, no matter how many clothes you put on, no matter what you do.  You can't get that cold out.  But down here when it gets hot, you jump in the bathtub, you jump in the pool, you jump in the lake."

"I guess hot," said one lady.  "I don't like the wind.  Cold weather is beautiful but the wind is tough."  

"Cold, I love the cold," said this woman.  "I have my gloves, my boots, my hat, I'm ready."  

There is not much of a chance we'll get out of the forties today.     

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