New airport terminal gets mostly high grades, a few growing pains

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 06, 2019 - 3:05 pm

"Impressive!"  "Beautiful!"  

Those are just some of the words people are using to describe the new terminal at New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport on the first full day of operations in the new $1.3 billion facility.

Fliers raved about the way the terminal looked and the wide array of dining options.

"It's nice," one person said. "It's very pretty."

Another remarked, "A lot of nice restaurants."

"This is something to be proud of," said another. "I like the tall ceilings, brightness and windows,"

Some passengers did report a few problems.

A couple of people told us that they were stuck on planes 15 to 20 minutes after arriving at the gate because the jetway wouldn't extend properly to match up with the airplane door.

Others complained about delays getting their luggage at the baggage claim.

Some were unhappy that it appeared only four of the seven or so body scanners had been installed and ready for use at the TSA checkpoint.

Overall, however, the grades were very positive.


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