Networking for new business at Entrepreneur Week

David Blake
March 22, 2018 - 5:11 pm

People who have ideas for a business or a product have been huddling this week at the Contemporary Arts Center for Entrepreneurship week. New Orleans is being hailed as the number one place for start-ups in the Gulf South region.  

Hosted by the Idea Village, CEO Sally Forman wants people to know there is help and assistance to entrepreneurs of any age year round.

''You are more likely to be connected to the people, places and resources you need, so we have a vibrant culture in New Orleans and it's working,'' said Forman.

She says high-tech can also offer help for branding.

''The most exciting thing today, you can literally throw the idea up on the Internet, ask for feedback and within a few days you know which is the best brand for you,'' Forman said.

Tulane grad Matt Schwartz came back to New Orleans to launch his business.

''It's about being around other like minded individuals and companies and the benefits you get from networking,'' said Schwartz. He calls the atmosphere in New Orleans "dynamic."

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