Negotiations finalized for Avondale Shipyard site

Don Ames
September 23, 2018 - 8:49 am

Jefferson Parish officials say negotiations for the sale and redevelopment of the Avondale Shipyard have been finalized.

Jefferson Parish Mike Yenni says the negotiations were completed Friday night between partners Hilco Global and T. Parker Host. 

Hilco Global is an international financial services company headquartered in Chicago and T. Parker Host is a maritime management company out of Newport News, Virginia.

Yenni says the plans finalization has been a three-year process. "So instead of a ribbon cutting, I am looking forward to cutting the chains off the gates to Avondale to let the transformation begin."

The 206-acre site has about 8,000 feet of riverfront and deep-water access. It's expected to become a multi-modal waterfront industrial park with both small and large companies on site. 

The shipyard has been shuttered since 2013.

"Our goal is to unlock the potential locked up in Avondale Shipyard," Adam Anderson, President and CEO of T. Parker Host, said.

The deal is still pending approval of the Port of New Orleans and Public Belt Board of Commissioners. Jefferson Parish officials say the contract is expected to be voted on as early as this coming week.

"This is likely to be the largest economic development in the history of our parish," said Yenni. "The commerce at this site has the potential to dramatically invigorate the Jefferson Parish economy. We will do whatever is necessary to accelerate this development." 

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