The NCAA will enact two new rules this upcoming football season

June 14, 2018 - 6:46 am


Two big new rule changes from the NCAA. Starting October 15, college athletes will have the freedom to transfer to any university they want without fear of being blocked from their current school or any others. Tiger Rag Associate Editor James Moran says the transfer rule will give players more freedom.

“All you have to do if you want to transfer is inform the school, and the school has two business days to enter your name into a national database, where other coaches or other schools can see it, and they can just reach out and try to make contact with them. Basically the school can’t control where you go anymore.”

Moran says these aren’t professional athletes and it was wrong for schools to control where they could get an education and play ball.

 “I think it was a little silly and a little outdated that schools were allowed to hold all the cards and tell you ‘oh no you can’t go there’ if a school was willing to take a guy and give him a scholarship. These kids aren’t paid, you know this isn’t free agency per say but should be able to attend whatever school you want.” 

The new redshirt rule will allow players to appear in as many as four games and not lose a year of eligibility. Moran says LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron previously said he was in favor this rule as it can help provide more depth.

 “I don’t think it really changes much in terms of who you would use in a big SEC game if you are LSU but when you are playing Rice or Southeastern if you want to get those freshmen in there late in the 4th quarter and get them some live reps against an actual team it allows you to do that without burning redshirts.”  

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