Brees Circle effort picking up some steam

October 10, 2018 - 6:38 am

( -- A petition is circulating that calls for Lee Circle in New Orleans to be named Brees Circle in honor of the Saints’ record busting QB. 

Lee circle saw the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee removed last year along with other Confederate statues in the city. 

Petition creator Blake Ivey says the idea came to him back in April.

“After the statues were down there were meetings, and I was interested in what they were going to replace it with. The first thing that came to mind was, who’s done so much for the City of New Orleans?”

The removal of the statues led to heated, weeks-long confrontations between pro and anti-confederate monument factions across the city at several monument locations.

Ivey says the popular reputation of historical figures can be controversial, but if there’s one guy in the city who everyone agrees isn’t controversial, it would be Brees.

“There’s going to be something in history that remembers that person in a negative light and really and truly there is nothing to not like about the guy.”

The petition doesn’t call for any specific statue, or moment to be enshrined, just that it feature number nine. But, if given a choice, Ivey says he has a few recommendations for what he would like to see on display.  He says Brees could be hoisting the Lombardi or throwing a football.

“There’s always the Super Bowl trophy that was a really special moment, and then of course, his record breaking touchdown pass, that was really something.”

Click here to see the Brees Circle Petition Facebook page.

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