Most fans like LSU's chances against the Florida Gators on Saturday

Jim Hanzo
October 05, 2018 - 8:37 am



It's a critical SEC rivalry game between #22 Florida and # 5 LSU in Gainsville, Florida tomorrow afternoon.  

Do you like the Tigers chances of winning in "The Swamp?"  

"I just think they just need to keep doing what they were doing up to this point and I think we'll be fine," said this man.  "I believe we'll win by a touchdown."   

"LSU's got the game," another Tiger fan said.  "LSU will win 28-14."

One woman from Ohio said she thinks LSU will win for a different reason.
"I hope LSU beats Florida due to the fact that LSU's quarterback is from Athens, Ohio and I have a daughter who lives in Athens, Ohio," she said.  

"Eliminating mistakes and penalties is the key to winning the game," another man said. 

"LSU's running game has got to be on point," said another fan.  "It's the only way they'll win. 

But this man predicts Florida will win big over the Tigers.
"Nothing against LSU but it's just the way Florida has been progressing," he said.  "I predict Florida over LSU 48-3."

Pregame coverage begins at 10 am, and kickoff is at 2:30 on WWL. 

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